17th session: Thursday 16th June

Much of this session was spent assembling our new piece Barograf to be presented at the final concert of our residency on Friday 24th. I took a set of charts of barometric readings from the harbour and converted them into musical material – namely a set of superimposable rhythms and a compatible melody and harmony. The sketches needed a fair bit of workshopping but with the generous contributions of my colleagues it began to take shape. Our 17th-century selves were delighted to be experimenting with techniques like palm-brushing the guitar, and col legno (using the stick of the bow) both tratto (bowing with the wood) and battuto (hitting the strings with it).

The programme for this concert has a predominantly French theme and had been entitled “Vive la Difference”. The title refers to our celebration both of the variety of musics encountered on our 500-year survey and also of the revelations achieved by using our “old” instruments in the performance of more recent repertoire.
The French content will span 5 centuries and include pieces by Robert deVisée, Hector Berlioz, Erik Satie and 2 Renaissance Chansons sung by special guest Caroline Moreau. There will also be a set celebrating lutenist John Dowland (believed to have been from Dalkey) featuring Eamon on the lute of course.

  • Malachy 17/6/16

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