15th session: Tuesday 24th May

Our residency comes to a close next month, with concerts on the 1st and 24th of June. The first of these is almost upon us and we have chosen our programme, and made a poster that looks like this:1st June posterThe repertoire emphasises local and Irish connections: Roseingrave (lived in DunLaoghaire), O’Carolan (born in Nobber, Meath), Dubourg (employed at Dublin Castle), Geminiani (died in Dublin). There’s also the Dublin Bay ballad, a piece by current Dubliner Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, a lament for Bowie fashioned by us on his song, and our piece derived from the Harbour Depth readings and lighthouse specifications. A few Italian pieces will be thrown in for good measure but Local Heroes are to the fore.

We spent the first half of the session working on the Roseingrave sonata – which is really very good. It’s challenging to arrange without a keyboard instrument, but rewarding to find the solutions. Then we played La Cesta and the Marini Romanesca, and finally refined the Light and Depth a bit further. This piece is written loosely, to allow our 17th-century-selves to improvise and respond to the things that transpire as it unfolds; we realised that ten minutes is about the minimum for it to run successfully. I think an improvising jazzer would probably regard 10 mins as the minimum length of a tune too…

  • Malachy 25/5/16

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