7th session and 1st concert: Friday 4th March

Happy to report that the first outing of the Eidola Trio’s residency was lovely. We played up on level 4 in the children’s library against a dramatic backdrop of windy weather in the harbour.IMG_7868

As well as an adult audience of curious locals, we were joined by a class from St.Nicholas’ Montessori School who had walked over from Adelaide Street; they were fantastic listeners, and asked excellent pertinent questions. With 2 pieces left to play, we asked them when they needed to leave and the teachers told us they had PE in 10 minutes. So we suggested skipping something and giving them one last tune. But they demanded to stay and hear everything; the teachers said afterwards this was a great compliment because PE is their favourite class!

The full programme as performed was

Pandolfi Mealli: Sonata “La Cesta” 1660 / Geminiani: Lady Ann Bothwel’s Lament 1749 / 50 Beauties of Erin: Dublin Bay 1920 / David Bowie: Lament after Life on Mars 1971 / JS Bach: Andante from violin concerto BWV 1041, 1720 / by me: Light & Depth 2016 / Boccherini Passa Caille from Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid 1780


What was the kids’ favourite piece? To our surprise it seemed to be the composition Light&Depth (followed by Boccherini). Of course they are free from any preconceptions regarding the “authentic” use of period instruments; in fact, as far as they are concerned our instruments are no more or less specialised than any standard “classical” instrument. It was so good to have them there, their reactions were honest and instant and we hope they will come back to the concerts in June (1st and 24th).

For our own development as a trio, the performance was very useful to highlight many improvements we can make, both technically and musically. We will take the experience back to the rehearsal room with us.

  • Malachy 4/3/16

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