6th session: Tuesday 1st March

We rehearsed in “meeting room 1” on level 3, the main entry level of the building. This room is well soundproofed but has a glass wall into the library – so we felt like an installation, which was fun. A piper who was dismantling an art exhibition expressed his interest in the instruments and our music although he couldn’t hear it. There may be a lot to be said for rehearsing upstairs in terms of adding conspicuously to the life of the place and piquing the curiosity of the patrons. There’s also plenty of natural light which is of course absent in the Studio.


It being the last session before the day of our first concert (Friday 4th) we thought it best to play through all the chosen repertoire. Having omitted them last week, we had to invest some time in the Ballad and the Boccherini, both of which are now much more substantial than they were on paper. The former has been expanded with instrumental verses and divisions, and the latter with all the strummy noodling that it just begs for.

We then ran the Cesta, Auld Bob, Lady Ann, Bowie, Bach and Light&Depth. All shaping up nicely, come a long way since January. Our formerly unfamiliar instruments (the new gamba and the theorboed guitar) are beginning to feel properly familiar and fluent. Thanks again to DLRCC for this residency and the opportunity for personal development.


Friday’s audience will include a group from a local primary school, which we are delighted to welcome. The programme was designed “for all ages” and we will endeavour to draw them in, addressing them directly. Kids should enjoy the unusual instruments, the folksy tunes, the song about a shipwreck… And we will give them some context for the music from 5 different centuries.

  • Malachy 2/3/16

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